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If you're unfamiliar with my work, I'm a professional animal walker with over 10000 hours of game experience


This is the Chief Executive Officer. Thank you for returning to my channel. If you're unfamiliar with my work, I'm a professional animal walker with over 10000 hours of game experience. It is possible that you are interested in learning more about these villagers and their transactions because I have posted several animal crossing videos on this channel, including an update to the announcement tutorial and even a demonstration of how to use the switch mod to reveal the game's hidden secrets, so please read on. To let you know, if you are a member of Ren Tiantang switch online (for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, click here), you can now exchange your platinum points for these points at any time. Allow me to demonstrate that this is a new feature that Nintendo introduced in March of last year. Accessing it is as simple as going to your home screen and entering your switch online application.

Of course, in order to use it, you must have a subscription to an NSO activity. The animal crossing new horizons can be found by scrolling down to the task and reward tab at the bottom of this page. You will see all of the villagers whose birthday falls in the month of May. You can obtain them by exchanging platinum points. You can use any of the villagers you've redeemed as the picture for your switch profile.


In the previous version of the game, Nintendo had only NPC images available for your Switch profile; however, with this update, you can now exchange platinum points. Essentially, you can purchase photos of villagers and use them as your own. Remember that the icons of residents who have birthdays in May can only be redeemed before 6 p. m. on June 6, which means you have a deadline to meet if you want to redeem your icon before the deadline. All of these different icon elements will be provided in accordance with the number of residents who have birthdays every month, so the only villagers you will need to choose are those who are celebrating their birthday.

If one of your favorite villagers celebrates a birthday in June, you'll have to wait until the following month. However, I will exchange some with you and demonstrate how it works. Many of these villagers are complete ugos. Sasha is perhaps the most talented member of Animal Crossing island designs group, and I would like to exchange 10 platinum points for him. It states at the top of the page that he will be dead in 35 days.

I now have complete ownership of the Sasha icon in my icon collection. This is how you create a profile picture for yourself. On the home page, you will normally be able to customize your profile picture and account icon, but you will need to earn platinum points through the Nintendo Switch online application in order to customize the icon. Here are all of the villagers with whom I have exchanged so far. Before I set up the exchange, I will also choose a photo frame, because in addition to the profile pictures that can be obtained, you can also obtain these special limited edition photo frames through the exchange. Oh, well, let's see which one I prefer. This one is a tad adorable, to be honest.

I'm interested in redeeming  one because it has a palm tree on it. Palm trees are among my favorite plants. These frameworks do have an expiration date. Due to the fact that the framework changes every month, you must redeem it as soon as you see it; otherwise, you risk missing out on it because the villagers' birthdays rotate according to which month you are in. Do you have a sense of what to expect from the local villagers?

It is possible that we will return the following year, but I am unsure whether we will have green and orange frames the following year. What I don't understand is how the same frames work if they are rotated every month. For now, though, it's safer to change it back to the original frame, so I'm giving my profile photo to Sasha, who had just changed it herself. You must go to this small icon called icon collection and select that I also have Kirby and Splaton icons, so if you have any game specific icons, they will appear here. We already have some pre-selected icons made by Nintendo, but I want to create some of my own icons. Well, I believe I've discovered a minor problem, as you witnessed me repair the bottom of the frame with a palm tree and a small piece of green wood just now. I didn't do it. The other two were already redeemed when I chose this one, but  one was blank when I chose it.

I really don't know. It's perplexing. The fact that buy ACNH clothing is a background rather than a frame has dawned on me. It hurts, but I have my adorable little Sasha, who should be set as my profile picture. All the way down here, it can be seen in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Now I'm the proud parent of a little Sasha.

I'm able to see him at my house. The screen will now be displayed every time I log in from now on. As soon as you start the game, you will see your new profile picture, so I am baffled as to what Nintendo is trying to accomplish here. For example, if I have a lovely Kirby icon, I won't be able to match it with the Animal Crossing picture because you can only use the Animal Crossing picture and the Animal Crossing picture. I'm limited to using only these Kirby images and these curved backgrounds for the time being. It is possible to access your task tab at any time if you require additional platinum points.

You will see that there is something you can do to earn more platinum points in this section. The unfortunate reality is that if you do not have enough points, you will not be able to redeem the villagers you desire and will be forced to wait a full week. To remind you that your platinum points have expired and are only valid for six months, it's a good idea to use them up before they are lost forever. It is important that you subscribe to the video and like and click if you do this.

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Thank you for taking the time to watch. We will meet again in the following program.

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